Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Did I Get Here?

There I was pregnant and working in a male-dominated field and office hearing the most inexplicably scary, hilarious and downright bizarre comments daily. All of them directed at me and my burgeoning stomach. People told me, "You have got to write this stuff down!" So I did, and The Mummy Chronicles was born. After a year of blogging on TMC I had real, live readers who actually commented and told me I could write. I dared to dream.

Fast forward to the birth of my daughter T.D. (Tiny Dictator) and my triumphant return to full-time work (No sir, I was not going to just stay home! Not me!) and I found that more than anything I wanted to ditch the defense work and pursue my dream of becoming a writer while being at home with my daughter. Who saw that coming? Not me. I struggled for a year with this dream until one fateful spider bite pushed me over the edge and cemented my decision and determination to actually go forth and write and you know, be a mom and such.

After months of planning by my husband and me, I finally cut the cord and quit my job. I was delving pretty heavily into reviewing products at this point and found a whole new avenue of work and a bit of a new passion being the product junkie that I am and all. So poof! Mummy's Product Reviews was born in February 2007. Currently, I write about three reviews a week for various companies large and small. While most payment is in product I do accept ads for my blog space and have a fee structure in place for consulting and spokesperson work. I have done some of both and have PR experience so I know what I'm talking about. Really, you should check me out. I'm very photogenic.

Another year has come and gone (with a another baby due this Fall) and with it more blogging experiences, more writing projects and work with people and companies I never dared to dream about. I am always open to new projects so please feel free to contact me at veamason at gmail dot com. I'm very easy to work with, I swear.

As an added note: If you are emailing to ask me to write up a contest, promotion, service, or anything that does not involve me getting paid, you buying an ad for on one of my blogs, or me receiving something completely amazing like an all expense paid vacation to review then please skip over my email address. I believe in bloggers getting paid for their work just like anyone else.

For more information about me and my writing, or about advertising opportunities on this site, visit my website.